Bowflex TreadClimber® TC20


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3-in-1 TreadClimber© technology trims your workout time and delivers faster results-guaranteed.

The TreadClimber© machine is a unique breakthrough in the fitness industry. It combines the actions of the three most effective cardio machines into one:

  1. TREADMILL: Splitting the treadle into two separate belts, the TreadClimber© machine delivers the walking, jogging and running action of a treadmill and goes a step further. In addition to your legs and glutes, it engages the core muscles that help maintain your balance.
  2. STAIR CLIMBER: The pumping action of the separate treadles replicates the highly effective aerobic exertion of stepping.
  3. ELLIPTICAL: As the TreadClimber© machine's treadles rise to meet your stride, the impact on your joints is reduced, so you enjoy the same smooth, ergonomic motion of the best elliptical machines.

The efficient and easy TreadClimber© machine gives you the ultimate cardio workout and all you do is WALK™.

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