The 2 Recumbent Stepper Myths Your Physical Therapist Wishes He Knew


1) They are easy on the joints

Theoretically they are. However, many pre owned Nusteps come from high traffic settings and are abused up to 12 hours per day for years. If they're not regularly maintained by an experienced technician, it will not create a smooth stepping motion. Rather, the gears will stick and grind when you're moving back and forth causing excess pressure and stress on your joints. A combination of an old motor, battery, flywheel, or resistance system could be the culprit and our certified technicians inspect all of those components on our Pre Owned models.

2) They are comfortable to sit on

Well sometimes they are. There's dozens of different models available in the marketplace and you should really stick to a top brand or what you're familiar with using. Standard commercial grade recumbent linear cross trainers should have a fairly wide and cushioned seat  with a user weight capacity for people up to 400lbs. When you get into smaller residential type machines, you'll lose the same robust stability, seat comfort and dynamics. The smaller seats are stiff and no longer adjusts or swivel around 360°. The quality and experience doesn't even come close compared to the medical doctor's and top therapist's commercial equipment. 



Have you ever hurt your knee or tweaked your back and needed to do something to fix it?

We believe you should be able to take the same type of equipment that's proven, tried and true to deliver amazing results and use it in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Guaranteed to get you moving pain free, with more energy and strength. Tomorrow is here.  


The Top Medical Professionals and Orthopedic Therapists Choose NuStep In Their Clinics

Our certified technicians hand select our NuSteps from private owners and geriatric therapist clinics to busy health clubs. Pre Owned units come from high traffic settings in good working condition. However, only the top 2% with the least amount of hours, usage and signs of age will qualify for the meticulous Certification process with the extended warranty.

The Certifiedare rare and selected from private owners in immaculate condition. Then they undergo a multi-point inspection, replacing worn parts with new factory authorized parts, thoroughly cleaning the motor and internal components, rebuilding it from the ground up with extensive testing and cosmetic painting as needed to ensure it runs smooth, quiet and will last you forever. 




We just fulfilled our last waiting list member's orders and will now release the remaining units to the general public.

They sell for over $4,300 New and the Pre Owned start at $2,999 with free shipping, full assembly, no tax, 30 day warranty and money back guarantee. 

The NuStep TRS 4000 allows people of virtually any ability level can get a full body, low impact workout that combines lower and upper body movement. The NuStep is easy to use and has been designed to simulate a natural walking motion.






Derrick Snyder is a board certified California occupational therapist who has been featured in many health publications and helped people for decades. 

" One of the biggest mistakes I see when clients start their home program after therapy, is that they pick the wrong type of equipment." he said. "It's dangerous to have an elliptical stepping movement that looks like an oval egg shape. That creates more pressure on the knees when they push the legs back and forth. Whereas the NuStep utilizes a linear stepping motion which is a straight line back and forth, and the easiest form of exercise on the joints."



Before startingng NuStep, Dick Sarns, a bio-medical engineer, designed and developed medical devices used in heart surgery including the world-renowned Sarns heart-lung machine. Years later, as research emerged that supported exercise for cardiac patients, Dick shifted his focus to developing exercise products for cardiac rehabilitation. After years of research and development, Dick, and his son Steve, introduced the first recumbent cross trainer. In 1997, NuStep was born. It's grown to be a trusted brand in the top health and medical facilities around the world. 


"With two bulging discs in my back this is the only machine in the fitness center I can stand to use. It's adjustable handlebars allow for a varied range of motion. The adjustable seat lets people of all heights use it. The adjustable resistance level gives all fitness levels a great workout. I've used this machine for over 2 years now and will not use any other machine." - Bill Tharp



We're the only company who specializes in restoring Certified NuSteps to like new condition and offer the longest and most comprehensive warranty in the country. Free shipping right to your home, professionally rebuilt from the ground up. Don't risk a thing with the industry's first and only 100 day money back guarantee. 



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Our mission is to educate people worldwide on the benefits of recumbent linear cross trainers on the body, mind and soul. Quickly and safely rehabilitate any injury in your knee, hip, lower back, shoulder or joints. Our recumbent cross trainers are suitable for virtually any user recovering from an injury, joint replacement, cardiac surgery or stroke. Exercising on our cross trainer helps maintain the fitness gains achieved in rehab, build strength, increase mobility, improve overall health and contribute to a greater quality of life.

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