How do I place an order?
You can call 888-924-4244 Monday - Sunday 6am - 10pm PST to place an order directly with one of our Gym Equipment Experts. You can also add products to your shopping card and order online - we accept visa, mastercard, american express, discover, bank transfer and paypal. Call, email or chat with us at the bottom of the site if you have any questions. 
How and when will my equipment ship?
Most of our equipment will ship within 72 hours of placing an order. If you're ordering a full gym package or specialty item that requires more time - please consult with your Gym Equipment Expert 
Do you sell New or Used equipment?
We sell both condition of equipment. Our new equipment come factory direct as we are an authorized dealer of almost all the big major brands. Our pre owned equipment is sourced from our nationwide warehouses and we sell to technicians, wholesalers, private owners and commercial settings. 
Which condition should I buy?
There's a wide range of pre owned fitness equipment in the market and they're in all different types of conditions. Some are taken from big gyms and given a quick wipe down while others are freshly painted with new replacement parts - and there's everything else in between. 
Our nationwide warehouses provide us with 4 main conditions - Factory Inspected, Certified Pre Owned, Remanufactured and New. 
Factory Inspected: These are acquired from local gyms and are in working condition. They will show their age with some scratches and minor dings but will be fully operational. They are inspected by our certified technicians and anything broken will be repaired. 
They are good for the garage gym or if you want to change out the cosmetic parts yourself. Gym Owners may save money up front but spend more money on the back end with maintenance, parts & labor costs and upsetting members because they're not reliable. 
They do not qualify for free shipping, and have no warranty.
Certified Pre Owned: Theses are hand chosen from low usage settings such as small hotels, physical therapy clinics, cruise ships and private owners on trade in. Some were purchased brand new or remanufactured just a few years ago and are guaranteed to be in excellent condition. 
They are put through a very meticulous certification process and have all repaired parts exchanged with new factory authorized parts. 
They are perfect for the smaller commercial environments like office gyms and any place where they're not being used 24/7. They will last forever in the home and ideal for the personal trainer on a budget. 
They qualify for free shipping, no sales tax, 100% money back guarantee and the industry's longest Free 10 year warranty. 
Remanufactured: These machines are completely broken down to the bare frame and rebuilt to new factory specifications with new components including wear/tear parts like the running belt. Then they are sandblasted to remove any imperfections, freshly powered coated with new paint, have rebuilt motors and when finished will look and feel like new.
Ideal for the client looking for something that looks like new but at half the cost. You can customize the colors, upholstery and stickers. Large commercial fitness centers, high end hotels, condos and anyone looking to impress their members should consider this condition. For private owners, commercial equipmet will typically require a couple week break in period before they're operating optimally.  
They qualify for free shipping, no sales tax, 100% money back guarantee and the industry's longest Free 10 year warranty.
New: Our residential and commercial grade machines come factory direct and qualify for free shipping, no sales tax, 100% money back guarantee and the industry's longest Free 10 year warranty. 
How do the returns work?
We offer a full 100% money back guarantee so if you're not satisfied with the equipment we will go pick it up and you're just responsible to have it packaged in the same condition as it was delivered. You have to call 888-924-4244 ext 3 for customer support and speak with a representative who will set up a pick up date usually within 7-14 business days and once we receive the equipment we will issue the full refund. 
How do the warranties work?
We offer the longest and most comprehensive warranty in the country. If you need your equipment to be fixed or diagnosed please call 888-924-4244 ext 3 for customer support. Our certified technicians can provide phone and video tech support for your equipment and if it still needs to be repaired we will have a technician dispatched to you. 



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