Hammer Strength

Hammer Strength Plate Loaded Iso-Lateral High Row (ILHR)

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Hammer Strength P/L ISO-Lateral High Row, blueprinted from human movement. Separate weight horns engage independent diverging and converging motions for equal strength development and muscle stimulation variety. It provides a unique path of motion that contrasts the incline press for a workout that’s not easily replicated by other machines.


  • Path of motion is opposite of the Incline Press
  • Unique path of motion is difficult to replicate using traditional free weights or pulley exercises
  • Additional handle provided to allow user stabilization during one-arm exercises
  • ISO-Lateral motion allows for equal strength development
  • Top Ten selling Hammer Strength machine
  • Standard Weight Horns: 4
  • Starting Resistance: 2 lbs
  • Frame Description: 11-gauge steel frame ensures maximum structural integrity
  • Weight: 330 lbs
  • Dimensions: 61" L x 41" W x 79" H

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