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    LifeFitness' 9500 Recumbent Bike provides maximum comfort for ergonomic support so that the user will not feel pain in their knees, hips or lower back. In addition to its bio-mechanically correct design, the frame and structural welds on the Life Fitness 9500 Cycle are constructed in a way that allows everyday usage with virtually no maintenance necessary. This combination of durability and user-friendliness make this bike a good buy.

    People really like using the training programs offered on recumbent bikes. Time goes by faster that way. On this model, the workout program options include the Lifepulse Digital Heart Rate Monitoring System, and Polar Telemetry Heart Rate Monitoring Workouts, Interactive Heart Rate Zone Training, Hill, Fat Burn and Cardio Fit Test. These are dynamic programs designed specifically for weight loss.

    Displays on the computer console include heart rate elapsed time, distance, total calories burned, calories burned per hour, level, pedal rpm, program profile, watts, METs, mph, or kph. There is an easy to read 16-character scrolling message center with several biking options ranging from the Race Mode option, hills, valleys, or manual quick start.

    Evidenced by the fact that there are many Life Fitness “Life Cycles” that were manufactured decades ago, that are still in great condition, and being used by people all over the world, nobody can argue that Life Fitness is the cream of the crop. Their bikes aren't cheap, but they're well made and will last much longer than ordinary, generic stationary bikes.

    Life Fitness' 9500HR Recumbent Bike has been a mainstay in health clubs and fitness centers since the early 90′s. With a smooth and quiet belt-drive system, users can pedal all day long on this virtually flawless and maintenance free exercise bike. Ask a friend. Talk to a neighbor. Go to your local health club or fitness center and talk to a fitness expert.

    Anyone and everyone will tell you that this LF LifeCycle is a great piece of gym equipment. Whether you are a beginner, expert, or just buying this bicycle for a friend or loved one, you will be astonished with how user-friendly this awesome stationary bike is. Life Fitness has built their outstanding reputation around manufacturing bikes with supreme quality and comfort such as this 9500HR.

    • Frame: Grey
    • Heart Rate Technology: Wireless Heart Rate & Pulse Grips
    • LifePulse™ Digital Heart Rate Monitoring
    • Polar® Compatible: Yes
    • Posture: Ergonomic Seat
    • Electronic Readouts: LED Display Console
    • 400 lb. Weight Capacity
    • Resistance Levels: 20 Levels of Intensity
    • Assembled Dimensions: 56"L x 25" W x 48"H

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