Smith Machine Elite with Dual Pulley System Home Gym Package & Assembly (New 2024)

Includes Assembly


- NO TAX* ($200






    All in one multi functional trainer Smith Machine with Pulley System

    The New Smith Machine Elite Dual Pulley System Home Gym Package truly includes everything you need for a complete home gym. This high quality machine gives you the flexibility for multiple total body strength training exercises like squat, bench press, pull up/chin up, deadlift, military press, lat pull down, tricep press down, bicep curl and more, within a safe environment and in a compact space.

    It has a counter-balanced commercial smith barbell and added a squat rack with spotter arms and a durable dual pulley system which has weight plate load capacity of up to 450 lbs. 

    The package will be shipped to you or directly to the installers within 1 week of ordering. Transit times with FedEx have been around 3 - 7 days but delays due to weather and other issues have been common. 

    We will email you the tracking number after shipping and it will have delivery/installers info. After the boxes are delivered, installers will call you to make an appointment for assembly. The tech will take the boxes to the room of choice on the 1st floor, assemble, and remove the debris /boxes. For flights of stairs up or down it's an additional $99 each set and that can be paid for before assembly. 

    Inventory is assigned to customers upon them ordering and shipping labels will be generated. After 24 hours of ordering, if you want to cancel there's a 10% refund processing fee. 

    We'll email or call you on the day it's shipping to confirm delivery details, and tracking number will be sent that night. Once orders ship/have tracking number, they are non-cancellable. The machine is covered with a 1 year parts warranty for residential use. 


    • Home Gym Package Includes: 
    • Smith Machine Elite with Multi Grip Pull Up Bar: $1099
    • Functional Trainer Dual Pulley System: $899
    • Adjustable Bench: $495
    • 255 lbs Olympic Weights: $799
    • 7ft. Chrome Olympic Bar, 2 Collars: $229
    • Dip and Cable Attachment Package: $400
    • Total Price Sold Separately: $3,921


    • Specs
    • Linear bearing smith machine
    • 200 lbs max on J HOOKS
    • Solid steel smith barbell 880 lb (400kg) rating
    • High tensile 2204 lb (1000 kg) rated cables
    • Commercial sealed bearing pulleys
    • Adjustable dual cable pulleys with swivel cable tracking
    • High tensile bolts maximum strength
    • Premium powder coating anti-rust protection
    • Plate storage Post
    • Dual post plate loaded pulley system up to 440 lb (200 kg)



    • Smith Bar Height Range: 25.5" to 71.25
    • Max Load on Dual Cables Pulley System: 440 lb 
    • Weight: 308.6 lbs
    • Length: 69" (allow 75" with plates)
    • Width: 77" (Smith Bar), 45.6" (Outer Frame), 41.75" (Inner Frame)
    • Height: 91"
    • Adjustable Bench: 54.5" L x 11.25" W x  17.5" (flat) - 56.25" (inclined) H
    • 255 lb olympic weight set includes: (2) 45 lb., (2) 35 lb., (2) 25 lb., (2) 10 lb., (4) 5 lb. and (2) 2.5 lb. Plates




    • High quality steel frame, linear bearing commercial Smith Machine with diamond cut machine knurled steel 70.8" residential grade smith machine bar that can also fit weights with 1 " holes
    • Dual Pulley high tensile cable system with sealed bearings and a 2204 lb high tensile cable system. These pulleys adjust from the high position all the way down to a low position. Up to 450 Ibs plate load on pulley cables.


    • Multi-grip pull up bar with rubber and rings for resistance band assisted pull-ups



    • 2 Dip Attachment Rods that are attached at the front of the machine. Positioned for optional use of a resistance bands. 



    • 1 Straight Bar Attachment.2 Dumbbell Handle Attachments.  1 Lat Pull Down Bar Attachment. 1 Rotational Core Attachment. 


    • 1 T Bar Row Handle Attachment with Landmine



    • 4 Brackets Included so you can rack the bar with weights on the front of the Smith Machine. Ideal for deadlifts, low rows, or military presses. 







    • Note some of the construction:
    • Plastic weight horns and plastic weight holders
    • Dip bars bend when using
    • Smith bar catches are metal on metal and likely will wear, bend or scratch after lots of use
    • Inner frame width could prevent tall people over 6'5 from fully extending elbows inside the frame

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