WoodWay Mercury S Treadmill

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    Woodway Belt Disclaimer: For all Woodway Treadmills, we ship used belts, unless you purchase a New Belt. They are guaranteed to be 100% functional and work under the warranty. If the belt malfunctions, we will replace the appropriate slat part on the belt (Not the entire). They will be replaced with used belt parts. New Slat Belts are designed to last over 200,000 miles and cost $3,500 to replace. However, the clean/serviced/certified models will have belts with the grooves and Woodway logo still visible on the surface meaning there's still plenty of life. Note that this only applies to Woodways. 

    Our certified technicians hand select our Woodway Mercury Treadmills from private owners and hotels to busy health clubs. Clean & Serviced units come from high traffic settings in good working condition. However, only the top 2% with the least amount of hours, usage and signs of age will qualify for the meticulous Certification process with the extended warranty.
    The Certified will undergo a multi-point inspection, replacing worn parts with new factory authorized parts, thoroughly cleaning the motor and internal components, rebuilding it from the ground up with extensive testing and cosmetic painting as needed to ensure it runs smooth, quiet and will last you forever. It will be fully assembled and tuned before shipping from our warehouse.


    The Mercury is the perfect space saver, but it still gives you every benefit of the full-size 4Front. Narrower in width, the Mercury will save you floor space and still deliver comfort and natural movement without stress on the joints.



    WOODWAY treadmills feature state-of-the-art technology that provides the user with an experience unlike any other. Our treadmill belts are comprised of numerous individual shock-absorbing slats that have been scientifically proven to reduce harmful shock to joints, muscles, and connective tissue; a luxury you won’t experience on any conventional treadmill.

    The Mercury is near silent, so users can carry on a conversation or turn the headphones down a notch while running. The Mercury’s running surface provides ample space for users, and, best of all, there is no hood, so you can utilize the full running surface with a completely natural gait pattern.


    Many of the features that make WOODWAY treadmills more comfortable also make them more durable, resulting in less of a need for maintenance and/or replacement parts.

    Unlike conventional treadmills with a conveyor belt style running surface made from standard thin PVC, nylon, and cotton, WOODWAY treadmills feature a patented running surface made up of vulcanized rubber. This allows our running surface to last for more than 150,000 miles, roughly ten times longer than the belt of an average treadmill.

    Each treadmill is designed to create significantly less friction and wear, resulting in a belt that will never need tracking adjustments, that will never need to be waxed, and that will never flip a deck since there isn't one. In addition to less wear and tear on its components, WOODWAY's unique design is also more efficient, requiring about 50% less electricity to operate compared to a normal treadmill.

    The combination of maintenance and electrical savings results in a lower total cost of ownership with less downtime than a conventional treadmill.




    • Easy to use speed, elevation, and stop controls
    • Multiple LED readouts monitoring speed, incline, distance, time, and heart rate
    • CSAFE fitness communications compatible


    Consider this console your very own personal trainer.
    • Menu driven color LCD screen
    • 10 preprogrammed workouts
    • Ability to create custom user workouts (up to 99)
    • Fitness testing (pre-loaded U.S. Military, Medical, and Fire Department protocols)
    • Multiple LED Readouts (speed, incline, distance, calories, time, pace, heart rate, and METs)



    • The Woodway treadmill running area is 17” wide and 68” long.
    • The length is perfect for tall people who require longer strides.
    • The 2.0 HP continuous duty servo drive motor provides excellent power.
    • 500lbs weight capacity, you’re assured that the treadmill will remain stable and powerful no matter how heavy the user.
    • Woodway Treadmill Motor: 2.0 HP continuous duty servo drive motor
    • Woodway Treadmill Running Deck: 17”W x 68”L
    • Speed: 0 to 11 mph
    • Incline: 0 to 15%
    • Heart Rate: Yes
    • Patented Slat Belt Transportation System
    • Manual (non-motorized) Mode
    • Contact Heart Rate
    • Emergency Stop Magnet and Safety Lanyard
    • Multiple readouts displaying: speed, incline, distance/calories, time/pace, and heartrate/METs
    • Max User Weight: 500 lbs (227 kg)
    • Weight: 405 lbs (184 kg)
    • Dimensions: 71" L x 34" W x 60" H / (180 x 86 x 152 cm)

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    We do our best to get you the product fast and safe by paying for some extras. We only contract the highest rated freight companies with the fastest transit times (3 - 5 business days most cases). Plus, most companies don't pay extra for these things like we do: freight insurance, appointment setting with phone call before delivery, and a lift gate at delivery. Without a ligt gate, you would have to physically take the shipment off the back of an 18 wheeler truck. In our case, the driver will move the shipment with his pallet jack, take it down off the truck with the lift gate, and leave it curbside as close to the property as he can. (over $500 value)

    Most products ship within the estimated ship time. Once the shipping company picks up the shipment from the factory we'll email you the tracking information. All shipping/delivery questions can be emailed to help@gym-experts.com to create a support ticket. If you need inside delivery / assembly or any other special request, you can contact the same email. 

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