Dynamic Low EMF Saunas

Scientifically there has been a breakthrough in living longer. It turns out the shortening of celluar telomeres is when the aging process really accelerates. There's a systematic distribution of toxins, chemicals, EMF and pollutants in our environment. In the air, water, our food, our minds, there's a saying this millennial generation will be the first that won't live past their parents. 

Time has come and it's more important for inner health rather than outer beauty. We strive for both, but at the end of the day there's a reason why recovery and longevity are linked. It has been show in clinical studies that under 6 hours of sleep is associated with increased mortality risk.

How do we combat all of these perpetrators attempting to shorten our lives and take our loved ones? By combining a handful of modalities for overall health of the muscles, brain, heart, lungs, liver, kidney and cellular system. 

The only one that distributes numerous benefits to all of the body's systems, that you can do in less than 20 mins for 3 times a week. An indoor sauna can be used by virtually everyone even if it's just for a few minutes. The health benefits of infared light with carbon tubing and non- solvent or processed Canadian oak wood with waterproof floors, speakers, and high quality, thick glass encasing are the best made in the world. 

From 1 - 2 Person to 6 or more. We can help your home or business with the highest quality built saunas in the world, with lifetime warranties, shipping in under a week, and assembly that's less than an hour. But, we can also help with install and set up if needed. Call 888-924-4244, chat in the bottom right hand corner, or email help@gym-experts.com if you have any questions. 

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