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Body-Solid Heavy Duty Battle Ropes - CrossFit Strength Training & Conditioning



Rope training is growing in popularity in particular with professional athletes, personal trainers, health clubs, and home fitness enthusiasts. Fitness Training ropes are portable and can be used anywhere for both indoor and outdoor training. Training can be done with individual users or couples and is usually very intense involving the use of multiple muscle groups simultaneously while increasing overall strength, hand strength, and cardio endurance.

Body Solid’s fitness training ropes come in six sizes with varying lengths and diameters. All ropes are made of durable poly-twine with wrapped finished ends for durability. In addition they are black in color to help mask dirt build up over time.

  • BSTBR1530: 1.5" Dia. | 30 Ft. Rope | 13 lbs.
  • BSTBR1540: 1.5" Dia. | 40 Ft. Rope | 19 lbs.
  • BSTBR1550: 1.5" Dia. | 50 Ft. Rope | 22 lbs.
  • BSTBR2030: 2" Dia. | 30 Ft. Rope | 20 lbs.
  • BSTBR2040: 2" Dia. | 40 Ft. Rope | 29 lbs.
  • BSTBR2050: 2" Dia. | 50 Ft. Rope | 34 lbs.

Switch it up

Looking for a fun cardio routine that produces great results? Want to finally break through that plateau you’ve hit of late? Then you need to add our battle ropes to your fitness arsenal! Just 10 minutes with the heavy training ropes and you’ll feel a nice burn in your upper body, core and legs. And just about anyone can use them! Go for the 30-foot conditioning rope if you’re a beginner, the 50-foot if you’ve done rope training before, take it outdoors, and have the workout of your life.

Tough as Can Be

This isn’t one of those battle ropes that frays on day one and snaps soon after. We’ve used our years of experience in fitness equipment to design exercise ropes that will see you through countless workouts. The heavy duty polyester blend is wear-resistant, providing great protection against fraying and unraveling. We’ve even gone a step further and fitted the ends with waterproof 10-inch sleeves. This not only provides added fray prevention, but also gives you the grip to break a sweat without a hitch.

Here’s what makes this combat rope the choice for pros:

- Heavy weight to effectively increase strength and endurance.

- Heavy duty construction to allow for use outdoors.

- Waterproof sleeves that provide great grip.

- Easy to roll up for convenient storage and portability.

- Yellow tracking line that helps during rope maintenance.

HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION: The 3-strand thick training rope is made using a highly durable polyester blend that is wear-resistant to prevent fraying even when used outdoors, with a high tensile strength that prevents the breakage experienced with other products. It even comes with a yellow tracking line for easy maintenance.

PROVIDES GREAT GRIP: We’ve fitted this fitness rope with heat shrink caps at the ends that not only prevent it from unraveling, but also offer unmatched grip. The 10-inch waterproof sleeves allow you to work out even without gloves.

ACCOMMODATES ALL FITNESS LEVELS: These 1.5” heavy ropes for exercise training are available in lengths of 30 or 50 feet. The shorter conditioning rope is great for those new at rope training, with the longer one challenging intermediates and pros. The 50 ft. = roughly 32lbs,  the 40ft = 25lbs and the 30ft = 18lbs.

EASY TO STORE: You can easily roll up the crossfit rope for storage when not in use. The flexible design also makes for convenient portability, allowing you to take your power rope to the gym, park or beach.


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