First Degree Fitness

First Degree Fitness Elevate Kit



Heighten your indoor rowing experience

Designed to provide users with a raised entry and exit point, the Elevate Kit is ideal for the injured, elderly, and even less flexible. Doubling the height off of the ground, the elevated positioning allows for greater user stability and convenience when getting on-and-off your FDF indoor rower.


Crafted from the finest hand-lacquered American Ash woodgrain in a black finish, the Elevate Kit seamlessly blends with its compatible rowers for the final touch of style. Simply attach the legs to the bottom of your FDF indoor rower and notice the difference.


Compatible With These Units:

Viking 2 AR Plus Reserve (black rails) Viking 2 AR Plus Select (Bleach Blonde Rails), Viking 3 AR Plus, Apollo Pro V Reserve (Black Rails) Apollo Pro V

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