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    1) CLIMB: Simulates climbing stairs and the short vertical steps primarily target the quads. 

    2) CYCLE: Simulates a walking motion and the short strides put emphasis on the quads, hamstrings and glutes. The circular motion is similar to a bicycle.

    3) JOG: Simulates jogging with medium strides that target more of the hamstrings and calves. This oval motion is similar to an elliptical.

    4) RUN: Simulates running and the long strides engage all of the lower body muscles. Use the moving handlebars to target the chest, back, biceps, triceps and core. 


    Our certified technicians hand select our Precor 885 with open stride ellipticals from private owners and hotels to busy health clubs. Pre Owned units come from high traffic settings in good working condition. However, only the top 2% with the least amount of hours, usage and signs of age will qualify for the meticulous Certification process with the extended warranty.
    The Certified will undergo a multi-point inspection, replacing worn parts with new factory authorized parts, thoroughly cleaning the motor and internal components, rebuilding it from the ground up with extensive testing and cosmetic painting as needed to ensure it runs smooth, quiet and will last you forever. 
    Our warehouse inventory is constantly changing as we ship equipment worldwide and supply some of the largest fitness centers. If we're out of stock please ask about our back order waiting list. These units do not stay in stock very long. Discounts will vary based on what's available.


    The Precor AMT® 885 with Open Stride™ allows you to dictate your stride lengths and heights, versus being restricted to a set stride length, that you have to conform to. Adapting to different stride lengths on the fly does a tremendous job in exercising muscles that are typically difficult to tone through static workouts. This machine adapts to you, hence its name starting with "Adaptive".

    You're in control of the tempo, speed, stride length and incline level. Whatever you need, the AMT® 885 has it. The most technologically advanced programs? Check.

    Crystal clear, fast online access at your fingertip on the touchscreen? Check. Unparalleled structural integrity? Yes. Add its custom user dynamics to its reliability and you get the best commercial Precor cardiovascular trainer available.

    Don't feel slighted with inferior elliptical machines that do not offer the same arsenal of features harnessed by this awesome machine. With more fire power than ever before, there is simply no doubt that you will be in love with this dynamic and explosive Adaptive Motion Trainer®. With its ability to adjust its stride length and height, this elliptical will accommodate exercisers of all shapes and sizes!

    • Adaptive Stride Length: Exercisers of All Shapes & Sizes Naturally Change Your Stride on the Fly from 0" to 36"
    • Open Stride™: This is a Proprietary Feature that Gives Users the Ability To Change their Stride Height from 6.8" to 10" and Stride Length from 0" to 36"
    • Total Body Workout: Dual Action Through Upper Body Pushing and Pulling and Lower Body Movements Engage Your Whole Body
    • Stride Dial™:  By selecting Stride Dial™ from the Workout Progress Panel, users see stride length changes in real-time to determine the muscle groups being worked. By touching the Views button, users can add the Stride Dial™ to the Icon bar at the bottom of the touch screen.
    • Ergonomically Correct Biomechanics: Proven By The Western Washington University Biomechanics Lab
    • Foot Pedals:  Foot pedals with toe caps enable user to optimize muscle involvement. Two-step powder-coating process applies rust-resistant undercoat and cosmetic topcoat to steel frame.
    • iPhone® & iPod® Compatible
    • Assembled Dimensions: 80" L x 35" W x 73" H
    • Product Weight: 422 Pounds
    • Power Source: Self-Powered - No Messy Cords!
    • Regulatory: FCC, ETL, CE, EN957/ AS

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